Happy National Poetry Month! — “My Hat Was Owned By A Cat”

My Hat Was Owned By A Cat

I am wearing an old weathered hat.

Before me, it was owned by a cat.

This hat is covered in hair,

With catnip smears everywhere,

And I’m not really knowing what to do about that.


The hat is rather battered and worn,

A few spots here and there sorely torn,

But a nice chocolate brown,  

With a uniquely shaped crown,

The battered front sporting a swirling and whirling ram’s horn!


Where to go in a hat of this sort?

Mountains? Prairies? A vintage seaport?

Are folks to call me deranged,

If I sing “Home on the Range,”

Arrayed in catty hat fashion in her Majesty’s court?


So, what to do with this hat of mine,

From a cat whose lives expired, times nine?

To wear it, or should I not?

Risk being thought a poor sot?

Or admit, in hairy horned splendor, it just looks divine?!?


So, my hat was owned by a cat.

How then can one really top that?

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is the month of showers, and flowers, and for better or worse, a bit of rhyming in verse.

Poetry comes in all forms, ranging from highly structured and formal to free verse, from serious to amusing. Like most of mine. The majority of my poems are lighthearted, simply for whimsy and fun. Silly sonnets about bonnets.

Have you tried your hand or quill pen at poetry recently? A written test is not required to exercise poetic license, you know.

More than merely having fun, writing poetry, as in any creative writing or activity, helps stretch and strengthen creative muscles and thinking abilities for applications in other, totally unrelated areas.

So feel free to rhyme away and encourage your children to have a go at it, as well. This is a perfect time to pen a rhyme, it being National Poetry Month in April, after all.

Thanks always for visiting with us! My writing friend Little Red Bear and I are all about kindness, compassion, and doing things for others here. Sneaking a little poem into a lunch bag or someone’s pocket would be a wonderful surprise to brighten someone’s day and let them know you care. Happy Poem Writing! — Jim  (and Red!)

Roses are Red – Violets are Blue – Each time you visit – We’re delighted to see You!

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7 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Month! — “My Hat Was Owned By A Cat”

    • Thanks for visiting and for the kind words, Auden! I mostly just come up with short little poems for fun now and then, but suppose that is what National Poetry Month is all about — reminding us all of the enjoyment of poetry. 🙂


    • “Don’t sell yourself short,”
      He laughed with a snort,
      “We’ll simply hear nothing of the sort!
      You’re rhyming is fine,
      And might say divine,
      Even trying at all is such a great sign!”

      Thanks for visiting with us, Cat. It’s early in the day, so plenty of time to just rhyme away! 🤠🐻❤️


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  2. Love your “sonnet about a bonnet.” Used to write poetry as a teen, not so much now, but your article reminds me to retain joy in writing and poetry is the perfect way to do that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for visiting, Julie! For some reason, coming out of school I always had the impression that poets only dealt with weighty, serious issues and topics. Heavy stuff. And that is wonderful for those so inclined, but for me, it seems to be more about simply having fun with it. So, please have a go! Be inspired and let it flow! It’s National Poetry Month! 🤠🐻


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