A Weekly Serial Story — “The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis”

Not to Readers — “The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis” is a Weekly Serial Story  freely shared only here for followers of my Writing Blog.  The story appears in weekly installments on Saturday morning, a chapter at a time.  Below are links to each of the weekly story parts in order to catch up if new to my site.

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Little Red Bear and I hope you enjoy this old-fashioned Weekly Serial Adventure as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.  — Jim  (and Red!)


Chapter 1 — The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis: Day 1 — “How It All Began”




Chapter 2 — The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis: Day 2 — “Birds On Strike!”





Chapter 3 — The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis: DAY 2 ¾ — “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?”




Chapter 4 — The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis: DAY 3 — “Picketing Ostriches In The News!”




Chapter 5 — The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis: Day 3 Ongoing — “The Encampment”