Teddy Bears Gallery

Welcome to my Teddy Bears Gallery, displaying a small sampling of bears created over the years. All of these have been sold and are residing in homes and collections now in just about every state and all over the world — in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Canada, Russia, and others.

Simply hover the cursor over an image to learn the bear’s name and material details, and click on an image for an enlarged view. Thanks for visiting and watch for new ones coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Teddy Bears Gallery

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement! New bears coming very soon. I keep checking into the whole SEO thing and have not figured out how to do it yet. I am not technical at all, and just keep figuring out and inventing it as I go along. Still working on it to get it done though.


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