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Welcome to my blog! Happy to see you made it. Come on in and let me tell you a bit about us and show you around.  Then feel free to kick your shoes off, put your feet up and catch up on the latest posts and happenings, enjoy a story or two and get acquainted with a few of my teddy bear creations and story friends.

By way of introduction, I make collector teddy bears, primarily low to mid-price range to encourage new adult collectors. All the bears you see on the Teddy Bear Gallery page have been made entirely by me, and all the mohair bears are handsewn. Been doing it for about twenty years now, more or less.  Many are in collectors homes now, all over the world from Australia to England to Russia.  In addition to bears, I also make old-fashioned Raggedy Dolls, restore vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls, make artisan style Wire-Wrapped Sea Glass and Healing Stone Jewelry Pendants for adults, and other things as inspiration strikes.

New bears and creations may be found in my online store—Old Glory Bears & Raggedy Dolls on eBay, and in my James Milson Creations Shoppe on Etsy.  I encourage you to visit.


When not “making things”, I write about my good friend Little Red Bear, an uncommonly special bear making his home in the beautiful and scenic Ozarks Mountain Country nearby.   The various adventures and escapades of Red and his friends are told in a series of old-fashioned, family-friendly short stories entitled “The Adventures of Little Red Bear” available on Amazon.   The stories are entertaining and educational, while also encouraging folks to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world. Mother Nature, Positivity, Friendship, Kindness, Conservation and Respect for all living things are strong themes in the stories. With a few life lessons and history tidbits tossed in here and there for added flavor and spice. And honey.  Lots of honey. Having a Southern flair, we’ve found most things go better with a dollop or two of sweetness and honey.

Girl with Teddy Bear

Other little things you might like to know include my being a proud father of four children, an Eagle Scout, guitar player, a bit proud Cherokee, model railroader and American history buff.  If you’re still curious, check out “On Cats, Guitars, Wood, Trains & Fruitcake” to learn even more.

This is a family-friendly site, so please never worry about what younger eyes may see here. I am very sensitive to that, and will delete any and all comments with profanity or in poor taste. Just sayin’.

I invite you to explore the Tabs at the top of the page, especially the one entitled “Short Works & Free Reads” featuring a number of short stories like “How The Teddy Bear Got It’s Name”, serialized stories like “The Ozarks Ostrich Crisis”, several Christmas and Holiday stories like “Susie’s Bear”, some occasional attempts at poetry, and more.  It’s all Free and available whenever you might enjoy a quick read on a quiet Sunday morning.  Just seemed like the neighborly thing to do.

Vintage Fishing Worms Sign and Boy

You can sign up to follow this blog and have notifications of new posts delivered directly to your email inbox if you like, always free and never any spam, so you always know what’s going on without having to remember to come here and look every day.   It’s a lot simpler and more reliable than the Pony Express.  Not that they didn’t do quite a fine job in their time.

Pony Express Advert

There is a link in the right column to visit the blog of my youngest son- Matthew Milson. The youngest of my four children, Matthew is half of an identical twin set. He’s a writer also, with several books available on Amazon. Very proud of him, delighted to introduce you and encourage you to check out his blog pages and work.

School boy with report card

Having no staff, assistants or interns, if you read a post here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, be confident it’s from me personally and not a “helper” or robot. Little Red Bear and I work closely together on his stories of course, but his typing skills really aren’t anything to write home about. It’s okay to say. He’s the first to admit it. And it’s not his fault. Keyboards weren’t really designed to accommodate bear paws. But Red’s helpful in a lot of other ways, to be sure.

Bear helping to push a van

Little Red Bear and I always appreciate comments and feedback. A compliment is always worth another 10,000 words or so, and they make Little Red Bear very happy and eager to get on to his next adventure. Some stories and undertakings can be a little scary, and require a little more encouragement to get him underway sometimes. We don’t take ourselves too seriously though, so it’s mostly about having fun and maybe learning something along the way.

Bear Cub Pals

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy your visit. We’d appreciate you telling all your friends and family about us so they can enjoy the site, too. Please never hesitate to contact me here, on Facebook or over on Twitter.  Little Red Bear loves to answer questions in his “Ask Little Red Bear” feature, so if you have a question, please feel free to send it along and we’ll get Red right on it for you.  Red and I both love to connect with and meet new folks.

Cheers and Peace! – Jim (and Red!)


Vintage Keystone Cop Image

Necessary Legal Stuff—  The stories and other creative work displayed on this site are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only, for the benefit of my readers and blog followers. All creative works are copyrighted by James R. Milson, with all rights reserved. No part of the stories or writings here may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means whatsoever, without my express written and prior permission, except in the use of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews. Names, characters, places, and events are the product of the author’s chocolate- and caffeine-fueled, overly active imagination, and/or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any persons, (living or dead—spirits, haints or otherwise) incidents, institutions or locales, without educational or satiric intent, is purely coincidental.

All material written in this blog, Copyright ©  2014 by James R. Milson, unless noted otherwise.

And that’s that.  Here’s the rest of the Rules for the site.  So glad you came by for a visit!


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