Little Red Bear’s ‘Spot the Difference’ Puzzles

Spot the differences by comparing one picture to the next, finding everything that is changed from the first picture to the second. Careful — some are kind of tricky and easily overlooked. Little Red Bear gives you a hint on how many to look for each time to help you get started well and keep going.

When you think that you are finished and have found them all, tap on the Check Your Answers link after the puzzles to search for the puzzle name and see if you found all the right ones!

Ready to Play?  Simply tap on the puzzle name or image to get started. Good luck and most importantly — Have Fun!

“The Honey Jar Picnic”

“The Old Signpost”

“Cute Little Bunnies”

“Fishing at the Lake”

“The Healthy Bear’s Picnic”


                    “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”                      — Joseph Chilton Pearce

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