Little Red Bear receives many notes, comments, and questions from readers, and likes to share responses on issues of general interest right here on the Blog for everyone.

If you have a question that you’ve been sitting on about any of Little Red Bear’s past or coming adventures, there’s no need to sit any longer waiting for it to hatch.  Don’t be shy — just ask away!  Red and I will be happy to try to find the answer or make up something interesting for you.  No dating or relationship questions though.  We need all the advice and help we can get in that area ourselves.

And remember folks, there is no such thing as a silly question here.  Simply silly answers.   — Jim (and Red!)

Here are some past questions and information that folks have found helpful . . . . .

“Not Safe?  Reading Safety Advisory!”

“Angry Weasels!  What to Do?”

“Hummingbird Spit! What Could Be Better?”

“Cushaw What?”

“Where is McNickle’s Famous Pickles & Pork Rinds?”


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