Christmas Holiday Features & Gallery

Welcome to a special selection of holiday-themed and Christmas features suitable for sharing and enjoying with the whole family.

Christmas and the Holiday Season are one of my story character friend Little Red Bear’s and my favorite times of the year.

We invite you to grab a few cookies and a mug of hot chocolate, and then simply tap on the titles below to open and enjoy.  Be sure to fetch some crayons and gather up the children to decorate the refrigerator and house with Little Red Bear’s special Christmas and Holiday Season Coloring Pages below.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

LITTLE RED BEAR’S “HAPPY CHRISTMAS ‘LEFT – RIGHT’ GAME” — An entertaining Group Gift Exchange Game to bring plenty of fun and laughter to family gatherings and holiday events.

(A retelling of an old favorite featuring characters from the Little Red Bear stories. Always a favorite, the most-visited and popular feature on my Writing Pages every holiday season! Please feel free to share and enjoy with friends and family!)

Little Red Bear’s Special Christmas & Holiday Coloring Pages — Little Red Bear likes kids to stay active and be creative. These coloring pages, personally selected by my story character Little Red Bear, are fun for all ages, from simple to complex,. This is an ever-growing collection of holiday-themed coloring pages to enjoy with the whole family during the Christmas and Holiday Season, so please visit often!

Free to download and print out as many copies as you like to share with friends and family during the holiday season!  Happy Coloring!

A Christmas Poem — “Love’s Candle in the Night” — Waiting for a loved one’s safe arrival thru the snow on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Poem — “The General Store Christmas” — Inspired by a John Sloane painting, a little boy shopping for family presents and gifts.

A Christmas Poem — “Fireside Questions for Santa” — With a few questions and wondering why. So waiting up to ask the jolly elf guy.

A Christmas Poem — “What To Do On A Christmas Week Night?” — A fun little rhyme during the holidays time.

A Christmas Poem — “Blue House on the Hill” — A nostalgic Christmas poem inspired by a winter piece created by artist Trisha Romance.

Christmas — “It’s In The Singing Of A Street Corner Choir . . . . . .” —  An ode to the “Muppet Christmas Carol” show.

“Christmases of My Childhood” by Kathleen Creighton — A very special piece contributed by a  dear friend and award-winning author Kathleen Creighton.

“Haddon Sundblom, Coca-Cola and Santa Claus” — A look back at how the artist Haddon Sundblom defined the image of Santa Claus for my generation and generations to come.

Looking Back — “Christmas Thru the Window Glass” — A nostalgic look back at Christmases past, with the highly anticipated and decorated storefront windows, department store Santas, and more.

A Holiday Short Story — “Susie’s Bear” — The heartwarming story of a grandmother’s love and devotion during the depression, confronted by a blustery snowstorm and a very sick little girl.

“Christmas Trains and Memories Beneath The Tree” — My fondest family traditions and Christmas memories seem to run thru tunnels, over bridges, and along train tracks thru the years.

“That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown . . . .” — Words of wisdom from Linus in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, a simple reminder of what the holiday season is truly about — Peace, Good Will, Kindness, Generosity, Charity, Compassion, Empathy, and Love for all.

“Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus . . . . . . And So Much More!” — What circumstances or forces in the Universe worked to bring together a young girl and a cynical, childless curmudgeon to produce a timeless literary piece of Hope, Generosity, and Faith?


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Artwork by Jesse Barnes


Artwork by Ruth Sanderson


Artwork by Dona Gelsinger

Artwork by John Sloane

Artwork by Tom Sierak --"Waiting His Turn"











Artwork by Ken Eberts