“The Mouse, The Cat and The Dachshund”

Hickory, dickory dock.

The mouse ran up the clock.

When he didn’t come down,

The cat started to frown,

Pondering “what now can I cook in my wok?”

So when the cat went away,

The little mousey did play,

Running out and about,

When the cat left to pout.

Having a ball with the cat in dismay.

But then the cat soon came back,

Chasing the mouse to attack.

Quickly climbing the clock,

He snatched mouse in a sock,

And then cat gave that sock a hard whack.

The little mouse a bit stunned,

Now in a fight and outgunned,

Reckoned all would be lost,

Were he cooked and then sauced,

So mouse whistled for his friend the dachshund.

Cat relaxed now and sunning,

Saw the dog came a-running,

To avoid a big fight,

The scared cat put to flight,

Bawling “This turn of fate is just stunning!”

With the mouse rescued and free,

The dog lay under a tree.

He then dozed there all day,

While the mousey did play,

A happy end for all but the cat, you agree?


Cat and Mouse

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