Hidden Word Picture Puzzle Solutions

Find the answers to the Hidden Word Picture Puzzles below.  Careful not to peek at the unsolved ones yet.

Painting With Dad — Color, Tarp, Bucket, Paint, Roller, Brush

Apple Picking on the Farm —  Cow, Apple, Farm, Sun, Pick, Barn

School Day Fun & Games  Orange, Wow, Cow, Guitar, Laugh, Iowa

Fun At The Pizzeria — Cheese, Hungry, Music, Red, Party, Yummy

Snow Day Play — Mittens, Boot, Chill, Sled, Frost, Snow

Fun in the Family Garden — Garden, Bloom, Farm, Seed, Dig, Vine

Campout in the Family Room — Mirror, Straw, Couch, Tiles, Cat, Cord

Winter Sledding Day Delights — Sled, Frost, Chill, Ice, Cold, Toboggan

Fun at the Movies — Film, Ticket, Movie, Sequel, Candy, Preview

Playing Basketball in the Park — Score, Basket, Dunk, Net, Chops, Court

Ice Skating with Friends — Snow, Tell, Man, Cut, See, Cool

Rainy Day Fun — Stormy, Puddle, Wet, Showers, Damp, Clouds

Swimming with Friends — Wet, Swim, Slide, Float, Water, Split

A Ducky Day for Skiing — Windy, Winter, White, Whistle, Wood, Wool

Gone Fishing with Dad  Hot, Fish, Boy, Tree, Wave, Nice

Super Soccer Saturdays — Net, Penalty, Goal, Ball, Kick, Pass

Let’s Have a Party! — Friends, Balloon, Gift, Cake, Game, Party

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