Little Red Bear’s “Animal Alphabet” Coloring Pages

Welcome to Little Red Bear’s Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages!

Together with mathematics, learning the alphabet provides a solid foundation for learning and all knowledge.  Understanding the alphabet sets the stage for learning how to read, write, and continue growing throughout a child’s future development. Mastering the alphabet opens up a whole new world of reading and learning about the world. Reading is fundamental to a child’s development and it all begins with learning the alphabet.

The alphabet can be taught at any age, beginning at home before even entering preschool. My story character friend Little Red Bear and I decided to combine children’s natural love of animals and nature with fun coloring activities to help make learning the alphabet more fun and entertaining for little ones, while also educating them about the natural world at an early stage of development.  So, we came up with “Little Red Bear’s Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages!”

Each alphabet letter page features a colorful image of the alphabet letter, blank coloring pages of the featured animal, and coloring images for selected other animals whose names begin with the letter, together with some fun facts and information about the different animals featured. Combining education with fun.

Coloring images are available for unlimited Free downloads simply by ‘Right Clicking’ on an image, choosing ‘Save Image As’ in the dropdown menu to save a local copy on your computer or device, and then printing out as many as you want. Each letter page features a simplified and basic coloring image for the very young, along with more detailed images for older kids. Or, for Mom and Dad to color along at the same time.

It is our hope that these pages provide a basis for not only learning the alphabet and a little about the animals and the natural world around us, but also for spending quality family time together — reading, coloring, and learning.

To visit any Letter Page simply tap on the Image, below.  Happy coloring! (and learning)

The letter “A” is for “Ant” 

The letter “Be” is for “Bear”

The letter “C” is for “Cat”

The letter “D” is for “Dinosaur”



This website is primarily Self Funded. The Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages are made possible only with the assistance of our Patreon Community and independent donations to sponsor pages. Future images will come in sequence as funds are available.
Each image has been purchased in order to secure licensing rights in order to provide free downloads for our readers and their children Free Of Charge because that is how we roll here. 
The cost of three images for each page is $10.00, and we always like to include more for the kids when we can. We truly appreciate and love the members of our Patreon Community for all they allow us to do and for sharing in our vision of helping to make the world a better place. For everyone!
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