Little Red Bear’s Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages — “D” is for “Dinosaur”

The letter “D” is for “Dinosaur”

The word “Dinosaur” comes from the Greek language, and the translation means “Terrible Lizard.” The word “Dinosaur” was conceived by British paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842, and came from the Greek words “dienos”, which means “terrible”, and from the word “sauros”, which means “reptile”.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth from 230 million to 60 million years ago. While scientists now believe many dinosaurs had feathers, they still have not determined for certain what color dinosaurs were. So you can make your dinosaurs below any color(s) you choose!

Did you know . . . .

  • The heaviest dinosaur on record was also the longest. Argentinosaurus was discovered in Argentina in 1987. They were about 115 feet long and weighed between 73 to 85 tons, which is the equivalent of 17 African Elephants. Argentinosaurus is regarded as the largest land animal to have ever lived.
  • The smallest fully-grown dinosaur fossils found were little bird-hipped, plant-eaters like Lesothosaurus, which was only the size of a chicken.
  • One of the most intelligent dinosaurs was Troodon, a hunting dinosaur which was about 6 feet long, and whose brain was similar in size to that of a mammal or bird of today.
  • Perhaps one of the least intelligent dinosaurs was also one of my favorites — Stegosaurus. Compared to its large size, stegosaurus only had a brain the size of a walnut.
  • Dinosaur names frequently describe behavioral characteristics of the different dinosaurs that scientists think they may have had. For example —  “Tyrannosaurus Rex” means “Tyrant Lizard King”, and “Velociraptor” means “Swift Robber”.
  • Recent evidence suggests that many, if not all non-avian dinosaur species also possessed feathers in some shape or form, possibly for purposes of thermal insulation in the same way as birds’ feathers work today.
  • Dinosaurs with sharp, pointed teeth like the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate meat, while the dinosaurs with long, flat teeth like the Triceratops, ate plants.
  • Scientists speculate that some large dinosaurs, like the Apatosaurus, lived as long as 300 years!

Would you like to color a Dinosaur? Simply ‘Right Click’ on an image, hit ‘Save Image As’ to save a local copy, and then print out as many as you want!

The letter “D” is for “Dog”, too.  Did you know that dogs have been one of the most popular working and companion animals throughout human history? Dogs perform many useful tasks for people including hunting, farm work, and security, as well as assisting those with disabilities, such as the blind. And dogs are just wonderful friends and companions to have around, with over 470 million dogs kept as pets around the world!

Would you like to color some dogs?

BONUS — The letter “D” is for Dolphin, too!  Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals. There are nearly forty species of dolphins in the world’s oceans, with five species living in rivers. Dolphins are very social animals, living in groups of up to 1,000 members or more who hunt and play together. Depending on its size, a dolphin can eat as much as 25 to 50 pounds of fish every day!

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