Little Red Bear’s “Smokey The Bear” Coloring Pages

Welcome to Little Red Bear’s “Smokey The Bear” Coloring Pages!

To help promote fire safety and awareness for both children and families while enjoying outdoor activities with Mother Nature, my story friend Little Red Bear has assembled a collection of Smokey The Bear-themed coloring images with varying degrees of complexity for all ages.

Coloring images are available for unlimited Free downloads simply by ‘Right Clicking’ on an image, choosing ‘Save Image As’ in the dropdown menu to save a local copy on your computer or device, and then printing out as many as you want.

Have fun displaying finished works of art on the family refrigerator and gifting your creations to Grandmas and Grandpas. Trust me, we love that sort of thing!

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Tap on any Smokey The Bear Coloring Image below to get started.   Happy coloring!

Note for Parents — Discussion questions for this image with children, correct and incorrect examples of fire safety in the wilderness — What are the man and young girl doing wrong? (Going away and leaving their fire unattended without extinguishing it properly.) — What is the family doing correctly? (Extinguishing their campfire with water until the coals are cold and out)

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