Rusty the Fairydiddle’s Interviews & Features

News Stories, Features and Interviews by Rusty the Fairydiddle, Red Squirrel News Reporter — “Exclusive Rusty Behind the Scenes Reports!”

Rusty the Red Squirrel Investigating on the Job!

Introducing the New Blog Assistant– Rusty the Fairydiddle! → 

Meet Rusty the Fairydiddle, the new Blog Assistant and Intrepid News Reporter in Little Red Bear land.  Rusty is the most trusted news reporter in the area, and seems to be able to get the stories and interviews others cannot.


Rusty’s Very First Blog Interview — “Groovy Gary, The Gray Fox” →

Meet Groovy the Gary, the Gray Fox who lives nearby in Hopper’s Holler, where Little Red Bear’s cabin is on Honey Hill.  Find out what makes Gray Foxes special, and what distinguishes them from their more colorful cousins, the Red Foxes.





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