“Don’t Cry Over Spilled Orange Juice”

When pouring fresh yellow orange juice into a non-see-through yellow cup,

Take a moment to switch the light on to save five minutes cleaning up.


Pouring in the dark soon leads to over-filling and spilling, you see,

Leaving behind a mighty mess which must be sopped and mopped up by me.


This I have learned from experience, such a true and noble teacher,

Who knew that congenial yellow cups could have this peculiar feature?

Going thru life, we seldom have advance notice or warning when an accident or misfortune, minor or major, may be visited upon us, whether it is simply spilled orange juice or something more.

Life is what it is, and while some pain, loss, and challenges may seem inevitable from time to time, it is always up to us as to whether we react or respond to any situation, choosing either to suffer and be miserable or to find the positive aspects and how we can use whatever the occurrence may be to help us learn, grow, and be better for the experience in the end.

Thank you always for visiting with us!  When things seem unpleasant, we only need to remember that peace of mind is always only a thought away.  — Jim  (and Red!)

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“Positive thinking will not help you do ‘anything’. But it will help you do EVERYTHING better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult. If you accept that challenges may occur, life will be easier.” – Rob Liano

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