Little Red Bear’s “How Many Can You Find?” Games

Little Red Bear enjoys searching for things with his keen nose and hearing.  Sometimes, being a bear, he has to look work a little harder using only his eyes to find what he is looking for. So, to have fun, he makes a game of it and thought you might like to have some fun, too.

How many of the different objects Little Red Bear has included in the pictures below can you find?  There is no hurry, so take your time and find every one.  Little Red Bear will give you the number to search for so you know when you have found them all. He knows you will.

Birds can be all colors, and can be seen in the air, in trees and bushes, hopping on the ground and even in the water searching for fish or taking a bath. Can you find the twenty birds in this picture?

This puzzle created for Little Red Bear by children’s author Sylva Fae