Random Acts of Poetry

Welcome to my RAP Page — Random Acts of Poetry!

Every now and then my brain seems to go in reverse,

And it’s times such as that when I start writing in verse.

Never quite certain whether it’s a blessing or curse,

But keep on hoping it all doesn’t get any worse.

Below are links to poetry works, along with a link to my special Dime Rhymes page for fun little rhymes.  Hope you enjoy!

“My Mind Ponders in Verse, For Better or Worse”

“The Muggle in a Puddle”

“The Mouse, The Cat and The Dachshund”

“The Rubbly Bubbly Bath”

“Ode to Summer”

“O Wind, If Winter Comes . . . . “

“Little Tommy O’Flanagan”

“What Makes A Good Poet?”

“The Poet Who Didn’t Know It”

“Special Just The Way You Are”

“Don’t Cry Over Spilled Orange Juice”

“Fridays and 13th’s and Cats, Oh My!”


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