Little Red Bear’s “Spot the Difference” Puzzle Answers

Here are the answers to the “Spot the Difference” Puzzles.  Simply find the puzzle name and see if you found all the differences.  Good luck!

“The Honey Jar Picnic” Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers.  Did you find them all?

  1. The flock of crows have flown and are missing from the background.
  2. The Grey Weasel has left and is missing.
  3. The clouds have blown away and are missing from the sky.
  4. The tree is missing by the cabin.
  5. The pumpkins (did you take them?) and are missing beside the cabin.
  6. Whoever took the pumpkins left a guitar in their place by the side of the cabin.
  7. The bottle of lemonade is missing from the picnic. Maybe someone is refilling it.
  8. The jug has been picked up and turned around.
  9. The Cardinal bird left on an errand and is missing from Little Red Bear’s bindle at the end of his stick. ‘Bindle’ is the word used to name the sack carried at the end of a stick by hobos and some travelers, with possessions inside, or sometimes their bedding for the night.
  10. The White Crane in the foreground has waded to the other end of the pond and is missing.
  11. The yellow bird at the side of the pond has turned around to face the other way and see where Little Red Bear is going.

“The Old Signpost” Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers.  Did you find them all?

  1. The flock of crows have departed and are missing from the background.
  2. The clouds have blown away and are missing on the right.
  3. The yellow bird on the left is chasing a moth and has turned around, facing the other way.
  4. The large evergreen tree behind the cabin on the right has been replaced different trees. Wonder who could have done that?
  5. The deer has walked away and out of sight into the woods and is missing.
  6. The blue butterfly flying in front of the trees has been replaced by an orange one.
  7. An ear of corn has been added to the wheelbarrow, beside the apple and bananas.
  8. The wheelbarrow has changed color, from blue to orange.
  9. The top two names on the signpost have been switched.
  10. A little frog has jumped back into the pond for a swim. Only one frog now!

“Cute Little Bunnies” Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers.  Did you find them all?

  1. It is later in the afternoon, so the sun is going down and is lower in the sky.
  2. The scarecrow has been re-positioned and placed farther back on the hill.
  3. The wind changed direction, so the weathervane on top of the house has been turned around.
  4. The windows on the house have changed from blue to pink.
  5. The lollipop in the left paw of the first bunny has changed from pink to blue.
  6. The middle little bunny lost the branch of leaves in his paw.
  7. A beautiful orange butterfly has appeared above the bunnies.
  8. The pretty daisy flowers in front of Little Red Bear have disappeared.
  9. A red ladybug has appeared in front of Little Red Bear!
  10. Little Red Bear changes hats!

“Fishing at the Lake” Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers.  Did you find them all?

  1. The Seagull at the top of the page has flown a little farther away.
  2. There are two new birds to the right of the Seagull now.
  3. The flock of blackbirds has flown away out of sight.
  4. The smaller and lighter color bear on the distant bank has turned into the woods out of sight.
  5. The bear’s fishing pole has changed from black to brown.
  6. The bucket has changed, changing color from lavender to orange, the stripes have changed, and the handle has changed.
  7. The Orange Butterfly has taken flight, leaving the stone and flying over the bucket.
  8. The color of the fish has changed from dark to light.
  9. The green bird is sitting higher on the bush, on the right.
  10. The bush has grown much larger with more leaves.
  11. There is an extra Daisy Flower on the bottom of the picture.
  12. The Blue Butterfly has moved from one flower to another.

“The Healthy Bear’s Picnic” Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers.  Did you find them all?

  1. The bear has a new flower behind her ear.
  2. The bottle of healthy olive oil has been turned around.
  3. The green leafy herbs by the olive oil bottle have changed directions from right to left.
  4. The ear of corn by the tomatoes has been rotated and moved.
  5. The slice of tomato by the cheese has been moved.
  6. The branch of olives in the middle has been replaced by a kiwi fruit.
  7. The bunch of grapes has changed from green to purple grapes.
  8. The large pineapple has moved to the right.
  9. There is a second pineapple stalk behind the first now.
  10. A sliced pineapple has been added beside the bananas.


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