Little Red Bear’s “Happy Christmas ‘Left-Right’ Game” is an entertaining group gift exchange to bring plenty of fun and laughter to family gatherings and holiday events. The game may be played with little secret wrapped gifts, candies, treats, or any number of seasonal fun items and creations.

Each person is seated around a large table or in a circle on the floor and given one of the gifts to hold in their lap. Little Red Bear’s story is read aloud, and whenever the words “LEFT” or “RIGHT” are read in the story, everyone passes the gift they are holding to the person to their left or right, depending on the instruction.  Gifts continue to be recirculated back and forth among the group until the story is finished. But beware – Little Red Bear put a few trick words into play to keep everyone on their toes, so a good-natured debate or two may ensue for added fun! The text copy is official, so if it is not capitalized, the word instruction does not count.

When the story is finished the game is over, and everyone keeps the gift they are holding at the time. The game can become a new family tradition, a fun social activity for a group, or used as an ice-breaker at a holiday event.  Have fun!

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‘Twas the night RIGHT before Christmas, and all RIGHT thru Hoppers Holler,

Everyone was LEFT celebrating, with humans having spent their last dollar.

No one LEFT out, all with lights twinkling and bright,

Christmas trees sparkled, with mounds of gifts piled LEFT and RIGHT.

Ol’ Cooter and his Raccoon Platoon marched RIGHT on to Little Red Bear’s cabin,

On the way to the Christmas dinner, following a day of crabbin’.


LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT – raccoons like to skip and hop when singing a Christmas song.

Turkeys were in no danger, as they were invited, too.

Little Red Bear felt it simply the nice and RIGHT thing he should do.

Berries and cherries were LEFT thawing and veggies well prepared,

“All RIGHT, almost ready!” Little Red Bear eagerly declared.

Bobo roasted chestnuts in a pan, LEFT paw reaching RIGHT out over the fire,

While Lily was LEFT baking more fruit pies, for they were everyone’s desire.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, RIGHT fish and LEFT fish.

Little Red Bear’s famous fried fish were everyone’s dinnertime wish.

Soon there was nothing LEFT to do, and there nothing LEFT to wrap,

Everything had been done RIGHT, with nary a mishap.

LEFT to their own, and LEFT hiding not far but just RIGHT out of sight,

Floyd the Mouse and his family made their own dinner plans for this special holiday night.

When no one was watching, RIGHT out under the table they would dash,

Collecting LEFT crumbs, bits, and leftover morsels before tossed RIGHT out, and RIGHT into the trash.

Indian John sat down to write RIGHT beside the fire, settled RIGHT into Little Red Bear’s RIGHT comfy chair.

But Red didn’t mind, LEFT happy Indian John had come to write, and sitting just RIGHT there!

To the LEFT of the fireplace, red Christmas candles were LEFT burning,

Made by Aunt Alma after she’d RIGHT finished and LEFT her butter churning.

To the RIGHT of the fireplace but just LEFT of  Little Red Bear’s favorite rocker,

Cinnamon Charlie was RIGHT fast asleep, for Red a RIGHT surprise and shocker!

LEFT dreaming of presents and buttery honey crisps,

Those LEFT nearby were quiet and spoke only in soft whisps.

‘Twas RIGHT quiet and peaceful as honey drizzled on leftover crumpets and biscuits,

Swinestein the Pig, on the LEFT, spread cream cheese RIGHT over some Triscuits.

There was nothing LEFT to do, but to have a RIGHT happy good time,

When RIGHT down the chimney came a thundering rattle and hum –

As Santa Claus fell RIGHT down, tumbled out, and burnt his big ol’ bum.

Santa rolled RIGHT out of the fireplace and LEFT dirty soot upon the rug,

Little Red Bear rushed RIGHT over to help him, and Aunt Ivy gave a big hug.

Oh, what a disaster! A catastrophe! A RIGHT calamity it seemed,

After Santa stepping RIGHT, slipped LEFT and down the chimney careened.

A burnt-bottomed and dazed Santa lay RIGHT under the tree,

Gazing RIGHT out at gathered wildlife, his first thought was to flee!

After wishing he had LEFT, but then RIGHT thoughts returning,

He remembered all the children, the presents, and the yearning.

Then Santa stopped his howling, and gave a whimpering cry,

Shook his head LEFT and RIGHT, then LEFT, and LEFT once again, and said with a moanful sigh –

“I’ve been RIGHT ‘round the backwoods, all except Butterfield,

But I can’t ride my sleigh again until my burnt bottom’s been healed.

Oh, what can I do? It’s a RIGHT, RIGHT royal mess.

I can’t miss one town! But I’ve still one town LEFT!” Santa exclaimed in distress.

“RIGHT then, Santa, we’ll help you out,” Little Red Bear excitedly burst forth with a shout.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Claus – no child or their presents will be LEFT out.”

Little Red Bear massaged his LEFT temple and thought of Dr. Seuss,

And then LEFT his ideas to form and his thoughts to run loose.

He thought RIGHT and then LEFT. And thought up and then down.

Then he figured out a way to get Santa’s toys RIGHT over to the children in Butterfield town.

He called RIGHT over Bobo, Lily, Indian John, and Farmer Turner, too,

Because Red knew to do this RIGHT would take not only him, but him plus a few.

Little Red Bear put on Santa’s hat (where all his magic is LEFT, you know),

And hurried out the RIGHT door with the others, RIGHT and ready to go!

They all jumped RIGHT into the sleigh with no time LEFT to wait,

Farmer Turner LEFT to steer the reindeer, like his horses heading RIGHT out of the gate.

The others were RIGHT busy, sorting orders and readying toys LEFT in the sleigh,

Santa’s reindeer were in a RIGHT and proper hurry as all the helper Santas LEFT, and flew RIGHT on away.

They flew LEFT on thru the holler – LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT dodging around trees,

Little Red Bear clung RIGHT to Santa’s cap, not to lose it in the breeze!

The reindeer raced like a rocket, Rudolph leading the way,

No one LEFT on the ground knew it was merely Santa’s sleigh!

They raced on, RIGHT on their course, swinging LEFT at the river, then RIGHT around Steamboat Mountain,

Then sailing RIGHT past the town of Two Forks with its bright and lovely fountain.

They dashed RIGHT over the trees and hilltops, racing RIGHT on to Butterfield town.

Meanwhile, a worried Santa was looking on, LEFT in the cabin with a RIGHT sorrowful, grumpy frown.

Aunt Alma and Aunt Ivy had been LEFT back at Little Red Bear’s, RIGHT there on Honey Hill,

To care for burnt and roasted Santa, so he wouldn’t chill and then take ill.

Aunt Ivy made up a poultice to put RIGHT on Santa’s toasted bum,

But Santa also had a burn, RIGHT on his big sore LEFT thumb!

Aunt Alma offered hot tea, soup, cakes, mints, and candy,

And in a short while ol’ Santa Claus was feeling RIGHT and dandy.

Aunt Alma summoned Albuquerque the Fox, the little backwoods Sheriff,

Concerned the sleigh crew might be caught and LEFT with a weasel’s revenue tariff.

So, she sent and LEFT Albuquerque to help with their Christmas Eve quest,

“Of course,” he assured, “I’ll do my RIGHT and very best.”

The RIGHT plan was made and the Sheriff LEFT RIGHT away,

Racing off to Butterfield to meet up with the sleigh.

Avoiding the car parks, bustles, houses and busy streets,

He paused for a little dumpster snack, RIGHT behind a place just named “Good Eats”.

Looking LEFT over the ridge he then said with a yawn,

“We can’t risk the sleigh being seen LEFT here after dawn.”

Swerving LEFT over houses, veering RIGHT over the shops,

Then RIGHT over the church, the sleigh crew did their speedy gift drops.

Little Red Bear and his crew traveled all over Butterfield town,

Leaving presents in each of the houses — LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, all around, both RIGHT up and RIGHT down.

LEFT on his own, Little Red Bear LEFT presents for all the weasels, too.

Because that’s simply the RIGHT thing, and surely what Santa himself would do.

Then Albuquerque, RIGHT tired from his run but RIGHT full of good fox treats,

Leapt into the sleigh and squeezed between the others all snuggled RIGHT into their seats.

Then finally they all landed RIGHT back where they had LEFT,

The RIGHT toys all delivered and no children LEFT bereft.

The reindeer came to a stop on Little Red Bear’s LEFT side lawn,

“There’s only one home LEFT now,” Little Red Bear said with a sleepy yawn.

All the while Cinnamon Charlie had been snuggled asleep in his bed,

Dreaming of sugarplums LEFT, and of fishing with their good friend Turtle Fred.

Little Red Bear then quietly LEFT presents RIGHT under the Christmas tree,

Wrapped up RIGHT and LEFT, ready for Cinnamon Charlie to find and to see.

Santa then, soon back on his way with a RIGHT and cushy cushion for his bottom,

Didn’t think he could be LEFT more sore than if one of the bears had hauled back and swat ‘em.

Little Red Bear and the others watched as Santa LEFT to fly on his way for miles,

And then dipped leftover crumb cakes in honey, snacking happily with smiles.

Every child in Butterfield would get their RIGHT and hoped for gift,

For they had LEFT it all well and RIGHT, without even a weasel rift.

They raised their RIGHT arms (except Bobo, his LEFT) and all happily waved,

Poor Santa had a RIGHT sore bum, but Christmas Day had now been saved.

Inside the cabin, where Cinnamon Charlie had been LEFT fast asleep,

He had woken now, LEFT his bed and headed straight to the presents to peep.

Had Santa got his letter? Had he LEFT a pile of toys?

Were little bears included on Santa’s RIGHT and good list of girls and boys?

With the others in the cabin now, Cinnamon Charlie got a RIGHT surprise,

For Santa Claus had been RIGHT in his home, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

Everything he’d wished for was RIGHT there, LEFT RIGHT beneath the tree,

Cinnamon Charlie was delighted, and RIGHT filled with Christmas glee.

It was time to share some Christmas hugs, that’s all that was LEFT to do,

And to wish a very RIGHT and Merry Christmas and blessed Holiday to you!

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