Pigs and Other Barnyard Folks

Pigs.  I like ’em.  There, I said it.  I like pigs.  And goats and sheep and chickens and ducks and cows and mules and other barnyard folks. And so does Little Red Bear, when he can understand them.  And there are a good number of each that are going to be wandering in and out of the upcoming “Adventures of Little Red Bear” stories.  There’s a certain little mini pig that is especially problematic for Little Red Bear in the first collection of stories, and we’re working with a whole fleet of ducks already for the second collection.

The stories are indeed backwoods adventures, but with a number of farms nearby Little Red Bear has a great many friends on the farm, too.  So, kind of just giving you a heads-up if you’re not of the same mind about the pigs and such. Careful where you step while turning the pages.

And if you do like pigs, I hope you enjoy this little video → A Pig’s Guide to Being a Dog. 

The first collection of short stories in “The Adventures of Little Red Bear” will be released very soon– “The First Holler!”  Watch for the first official book trailer in the next few days.  Thanks as always for stopping by! — Jim (and Red!)

Animals- Pig Smart


Kindness in Camouflage

Wearing camouflage is no longer reserved strictly for the swamps and backwoods, as “Camo” has become a growing fashion trend in everyday life.  The “Duck Dynasty” effect, perhaps. I have been thinking of picking up some camo myself recently, to wear while writing– the better to sneak up on the “Little Red Bear” backwoods story characters in my mind, I thought.


One of my pairs of boots has camo on the upper part, actually.  Even though it is always covered by my jeans.  And there is a camo strip on the “inside” of my new eyeglass frames, whatever that’s about. But both in a “Mossy Oak” pattern so I coordinate well, even if obscured from vision.  Which is what the whole camouflage thing is all about anyway, I suppose.

Camouflage 6 My boots


For myself, I have not progressed all the way to the Camo Guitar yet, but readily acknowledge that some may wish now and then that my playing be unnoticeable.  If I find it under the tree next Christmas, I will take the hint to play more softly.  I just hope Santa brings it in “Mossy Oak” to coordinate with my glasses and boots while playing unseen.

Camouflage 7- Mossy Oak Guitar

So as the camo fashion trend grows, I urge you to be supportive.  The next time you see someone wearing camo on the street, in the grocery store or at the shopping mall– bump into them– as though they were not there.  Let them know it’s working.  They will appreciate that you didn’t notice.  In the unlikely event one may take exception to the nudge, simply offer up the obvious.  “So sorry.  I didn’t see you.  Must have been the camo.  Nice job!”  I’m sure you will have won them over and made their day!

Spreading kindness.  Camo Bumping.  It’s the “nice” thing to do.

Camouflage 1