New Little Red Bear Video– “A Visit to Farmer Turner’s Farm!”

Farmer Turner is a good friend and neighbor of Little Red Bear and one of the recurring characters in “The Adventures of Little Red Bear” short story collection.  Thru Farmer Turner and some others to be introduced in later story collections, we are able to introduce domestic animals, farming and agricultural topics and issues into the stories.

His farm is located a little ways from Little Red Bear’s cabin on Honey Hill, on the north side of Buttonbush Creek, and he has a little bit of everything going on there it seems.  Red thought it might be fun to take everyone on a visit to Farmer Turner’s to meet some of his friends and other animals living on the farm, and is hoping you might bring any little ones you may have along for the trip, too.

This video is dedicated to our wonderful and helpful friends– Marilyn Schroeder keeping it real growing wheat in Nebraska, and the author Kathleen Creighton, the self-described “Farm Tamer” herself.  Please check out Kathleen’s amazing collection of award-winning Romance stories on Amazon.

So here you go– “A Visit to Farmer Turner’s Farm.”  As always, Little Red Bear reminds to view on full screen with the speakers on if possible.  Have a nice time!  Careful where you step, and thanks as always for stopping by!   —   Jim (and Red!)

“The Adventures of Little Red Bear” Short Story Collection on Amazon.

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We Are Part of Mother Earth!

Whoever was the first to coin the term “dominant species on the planet” should have also spent more time addressing the responsibility that comes with that assumption.  We need to do better, for the sake of all species and the Earth, not just ourselves.

“Forest, Soil, Water, and Wildlife are mutually interdependent, and the ruin of one element will mean, in the end, the ruin of them all.”

~ Peter Matthiessen, “Wildlife in America” (1959)

Quote- Ecology - Earth

Pigs and Other Barnyard Folks

Pigs.  I like ’em.  There, I said it.  I like pigs.  And goats and sheep and chickens and ducks and cows and mules and other barnyard folks. And so does Little Red Bear, when he can understand them.  And there are a good number of each that are going to be wandering in and out of the upcoming “Adventures of Little Red Bear” stories.  There’s a certain little mini pig that is especially problematic for Little Red Bear in the first collection of stories, and we’re working with a whole fleet of ducks already for the second collection.

The stories are indeed backwoods adventures, but with a number of farms nearby Little Red Bear has a great many friends on the farm, too.  So, kind of just giving you a heads-up if you’re not of the same mind about the pigs and such. Careful where you step while turning the pages.

And if you do like pigs, I hope you enjoy this little video → A Pig’s Guide to Being a Dog. 

The first collection of short stories in “The Adventures of Little Red Bear” will be released very soon– “The First Holler!”  Watch for the first official book trailer in the next few days.  Thanks as always for stopping by! — Jim (and Red!)

Animals- Pig Smart


An Original Short Story– “Susie’s Bear”

An unexpected major winter storm and a very sick little girl compound the problems of an  Indiana farm family struggling to survive  in the depths of the Great Depression.

An original short story to share for the holiday season.  Please click here for a Free Read here on the Blog — “Susie’s Bear”.

I hope you enjoy the story, and please feel free to share with friends and family.  Thanks as always for reading and following!  Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and the best of the holiday season!  — Jim (and Red!)

ps- Please watch for the first collection of short stories in the “Adventures of Little Red Bear” series coming in the new year!

Currier & Ives-- "Winter Moonlight"

Currier & Ives– “Winter Moonlight”

An Original Short Story– “Haystack Harry”

Hey folks!  Happy Halloween Week!  Hope the pumpkins are carved and candy bins resupplied, because the little ghosts, goblins, superheroes and Disney Princesses will all be making their rounds very soon.   It’s not wise to disappoint.   As the old saying says– “Trick or Treat!”  I find treat wrappers a lot easier to clean up the next morning than dried up trick leavings.

Speaking of Halloween and the Autumn Season, what do October, fall harvest time, sweet potatoes, Missouri Mules, old wagons, hay bales, cornfields, crows and a scary character in a dilapidated old barn all have in common?  They’re all featured in a new, original short story, of course.  It’s entitled “Haystack Harry” and appears under the “Free Reads” heading at the top of the page.  Is it scary?  Is it not?  You’ll have to read to find out for yourself.  Here’s a little bit to get you started.

“Sunday. Thinking back, yes, I believe it was a Sunday. An exceptionally warm day as I recall now. Maybe even a little hot for an early October morning on my Uncle Coley’s farm outside McKittrick, Missouri.

“I had traveled out to the country that morning with my parents to visit and look for a Halloween pumpkin, and we were not surprisingly recruited into digging sweet potatoes from the field and storing them in the root cellar. “Gotta beat Ol’ Jack Frost!” he barked while bringing the mules up to hitch. It seems Uncle Coley always had a “helping out” chore to “lend a hand” on when visiting.”

Here’s a quick link to read the rest of the story →  “Haystack Harry” Short Story.

“Haystack Harry” is a farm and country story for all ages.   Please feel free to read to little ones, and pass along to share with others.   Hope you enjoy the story.

Thanks as always for the visit and reading! — Jim

"Crows in Cornfield"-- Artwork by Teresa Tanner,  Landscape Artist

“Crows in Cornfield”– Artwork by Teresa Tanner, Landscape Artist