The Best Day of Your Life? — The Day Your Life Begins!

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Quote- Bob Moawad

Quote- Bob Moawad

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Take A Walk For Exercise, Come Home With A Story Idea– a ‘Two-fer’!

A beautiful day here yesterday with the temperature reaching 70F.  A grey, overcast morning gave way to brilliant sunshine in the afternoon, with daffodils everywhere stretching to bask in the warmth.  You could almost hear the tree buds popping open to welcome spring.  So I took an afternoon walk for fresh air and exercise.  Always a good thing.  And, as so frequently happens on walks, a fun new story idea presented itself along the way.

Walking along, I caught sight of a man getting out of his pickup truck and walking around to the back door of his home.  A while later, I observed a young lady pull into a driveway, exit the car, proceed up the walk and knock on the front door. That’s all.  Simple as that.   BAMM!  The inspiration for a fun conversation in the next set of Little Red Bear stories came to mind.  I completed the walk, came in and wrote out a new scene and character conversation, right out of the blue.  A small sequence in a large collection of stories, but isn’t that what creativity is — little bits all stitched together to form a whole?  Kind of like an old-fashioned quilt in that way.

I read a selection recently about taking the time and making the effort to  be more mindful to fully appreciate the everyday, mundane tasks that we go thru by rote each and every day, half awake in a hypnotic and robotic state without even being aware of what we are doing.  How does the shower water feel? What does the shampoo smell like?  How does the toothpaste taste and smell?  The true aromas of breakfast.  Flower scents in the air when heading outside. The feel on our face of a morning mist or breeze. Being aware and alive to consciously witness and take pleasure in everyday experiences and occurrences going on all around us all thru the day.  Living and Being in the moment.

And when we are in ‘aware mode’, fully cognizant of and appreciating our life and all around us, then creative and story ideas are everywhere.  It’s as simple as watching someone get out of their car.  Next time you find yourself stuck for a creative idea or inspiration, the answer may be waiting right outside the door.  Why not go outside and see?

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  It’s even more beautiful this morning.  I feel another walk coming on.  —  Jim (and Red!)

Writing- Walking for Ideas 2

“The Adventures of Little Red Bear: The First Holler!” on Amazon

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The Importance of Play!

Nature programs and the internet are full of videos showing cute baby animals at play.  Young animals learn critical life skills thru their play, and human children are no different.  The old saying — “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” — certainly applies to children and the learning process.

Thru active play children learn to use their imaginations as well as developing critical interactive social skills and creativity.  Outdoor play is even better, combining activity with fresh air and exercise.  Children not only deserve, but need a healthy dose of playtime.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”   ~ Fred (Mr.) Rogers

It is important to remember also, that playtime is not restricted to the young.  We all need to step away from the routine now and then to refresh and recharge, in order to remain healthy, alert and active; both living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Thanks as always for visiting.    Now, go outside and play! — Jim (and Red!)

Artwork by Jessie Willcox Smith via Garden of Bright Images, Facebook

Artwork by Jessie Willcox Smith
via Garden of Bright Images, Facebook

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“Finding A Purpose Driven Life — What Would You Do If . . . . . . ?”

Have you ever wondered “What on Earth am I here for?”  Of course. Who really hasn’t?

In finding our life paths and callings, there are three important questions to ask for both ourselves and guiding our children to find a meaningful and purpose driven life —

  • What would you do if . . . .  it were impossible for you to fail?
  • What would you do if . . . . money did not matter?
  • What would you do if . . . . you did not care what anyone else thought about what you do?

To find the answers, we need to quiet our minds from the outside noise of the world, be still, and listen to our heart and inner voice; and not allow ourselves to be guided by our ego driven mind to find the key.

A wonderful video via National Geographic featuring the message of Alan Watts provides insights for us all.   What would you do if . . . . . . . . . ?

Life is much too short and precious to waste it feeling miserable.  Aligning with our real purpose for being here makes all the difference. Helping our children to learn and understand that lesson can help make all the difference in their lives, too.

So — what do you really, truly desire for your life? And for your family?  And for your children’s lives?

Thanks as always for visiting with us.  Find your happiness and peace, share it, and be the reason someone smiles today! — Jim (and Red!)

Family Times — Together Times — The Best Times!

Quote- Meaning of Life- Picasso 4

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” — Emilie Buchwald

Old-fashioned, Family-friendly Stories and Fun for All Ages and Fitness Levels!
About an Uncommonly Special Bear and His Friends.

Children + Nature + Outdoors = Happy, Healthy Balanced Kids

To Give Is To Receive and Then — To Give Away

The practice of giving and serving, focusing attention on helping and benefiting others without recognition or return, is not limited to needed donations of clothing, food and money to organizations, but also includes smiles, friendship, a supportive hand or thought, and kindness given freely each day.   For in giving these away, we ourselves grow in love, kindness and compassion, the very things we are giving away, and experience our own spiritual fulfillment and healing.  The more love and kindness we give away, the more we receive and grow back in return — to again give away.

In “The Prophet”, Kahlil Gibran wrote — “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”

Quote- Giving- Wayne Dyer

Children Are Always Paying Attention

Words are very powerful.  Life-changing at times.  For good or bad.  That’s why thinking before we speak, and speaking with kindness is ever so important, most especially around the fragile psyches of children.

That being said, actions speak louder than words.

“Children more attention pay,

To what you do, than what you say.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Like baby animals, our children learn by observing their parents and adults around them.  Imitating and mimicking their behavior. It’s what they do.  We may not think they are always paying attention in class or when we are talking about chores and lessons, but they are.  They are paying attention to how we respond to their not paying attention.  We all need to be careful and mindful of how we conduct ourselves and of the examples we set for not only our own children, but those around us as well.  Remember– they’re always watching.

Thanks for visiting! — Jim (and Red!)

Children- Educated- Carl Jung

Plant Only Love!

As we head outdoors into the gardens and flower beds with springtime now, let’s also carry this wonderful thought along from the 13th century poet Rumi, below.

In the garden of life, plant only love wherever you may go, and watch it blossom.  Wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day weekend! — Jim (and Red!)

Quote- Love 25

Setting New Year’s Resolutions– Be Specific, Bob!

Thinking about New Year’s Resolutions this week?  Taking steps to Better Health, perhaps?  Exercise?  Healthy Eating?  Better Job?  Travel?  Volunteering?  Charity Work?  More Family Time?  Reading More?  Planting a vegetable garden to grow your own produce?  Learning a new musical instrument or foreign language?  Finding time to paint or a hobby?  Finally write that novel in the back of your mind?

Whatever your resolutions may be, when developing your list of annual New Year’s Resolutions this week, please be sure to put a completion date on them to help stay focused and on a timeline.  As they say– things with deadlines get done.

Also, please remember to be specific.  It makes all the difference.  Being specific forces you to clearly identify what it is you want to accomplish with the goals, helps to visualize in helping to bring them about, and makes them more quantifiable and easily measured to monitor your progress towards achieving them.  It’s very important.  Be specific.

For example, I am in growing need of an assistant in the workroom, so asked Santa to please bring me a Pug for Christmas this year.  To help with smaller tasks, help keep me motivated and moving.  I was not specific in my request- male, female, young, old, black, fawn- didn’t matter.  Any friendly little helper in need of a new home would be fine.

Pug Dressed For Christmas with a Red Bow Tie

Pug Dressed For Christmas with a Red Bow Tie

Or, if Pugs were in short supply, fully appreciative of the fact that children should come first on the Christmas Gift List, I asked Santa to please bring me a St. Bernard in need of a good home, instead.  To help with the bigger tasks around the workroom.

St. Bernard in a Field

St. Bernard in a Field

Again- I was not specific- male, female, puppy, young, older, short hair, long hair, color- did not matter.  Just a helper.  A big one.  Now here’s the point.  Again, I was not specific in my request.  Here is what Santa brought.

Toy St. Bernard,  "Ho, Ho, Ho!" to you too, Santa.

Toy St. Bernard, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” to you too, Santa.

So, yes.  Now I have a St. Bernard.  A very cute, fuzzy, little St. Bernard– Toy.  Quiet, great disposition and temperament, but not very helpful beyond being cuddly.

Now, I admit to having tweaked Santa Claus a bit this year in a few blog posts, all in good-natured humor and fun.  Maybe this was the Old Boy’s way of getting me back.  Lighter to carry than the traditional lump of coal, perhaps.  On the other hand, maybe it is because I was not specific and clear in making out my Wish List.

I asked for — “a St. Bernard.”        I got — “a St. Bernard.”

Santa brought what I had requested and checked me off the list.  Job done.  But not at all what I had in mind when making the request.  So being specific is important.  More so with Santa Claus than I had imagined, apparently.

Good luck setting your goals and resolutions for the New Year.  And wishing you the very best of luck and success in achieving them all.  Please remember to put a date on them and to be specific.  It really does make all the difference in achieving your goals.

Thanks as always for reading!– Jim (and Red!)