It’s National Train Day! Whoo-Whoot!

Today is May 10th– National Train Day!! Whoo-Whoot!!  I love everything about trains, especially the old steam locomotive era.  Trains and the development of the national rail system made the country what it is today by connecting the east to the west, shortening travel time substantially, creating new markets for goods and opening national transportation and commerce.  Trains also played a very significant role in the Civil War, allowing the movement of large numbers of troops and equipment over great distances in days instead of weeks.

I received my first electric trains from Santa when I was only four and have had “train fever” ever since and still have those first train sets, a Marx Passenger Train and Lionel Freight Train.  I later transitioned over to HO scale because it was smaller, allowing me to do more in less space.  A 5′ x 9′ area in a corner of the basement was all I could talk my parents out of at the time.   I even made a model train layout once with actual running water and a waterfall. 

But this isn’t about model railroading.  This is about National Train Day!  Here is a great steam locomotive train video for you to watch and enjoy. Beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery.

This video is the Eureka and Palisades 4-4-0 operating in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

It would be safe to assume that a train will play a role in at least a few of the upcoming Little Red Bear stories.  Hope you enjoy the ride!  Be sure to have your speakers on and watch on full screen for the scenery.  Happy Train Day!

Please watch your step.   All Aboard!!

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