Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for my Mountain!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Facebook, Twitter and new Blog followers and friends!

I saw a little clip on the news the other night, with small children making Mother’s Day cards for their moms.  They interviewed each and asked them to say something about their mother.  One little boy, around age 5 or so, after pausing to think for a moment responded with something along the lines of “Thank you for getting me breakfast.”  I literally laughed out loud.  But the little boy’s comment was also profound.  Because it really is quite that simple, isn’t it?

Mothers are there– day in, day out.  All hours.  They are never off the job.  When we think of mother’s, it’s usually not about one single “holy cow!” moment of great impact in our lives.  I’m sure we each have a few of those to recall, where our mother made a big difference at an important point in our life.  But to me, it’s the accumulation of countless and unrecognized small things– day in, day out– over the entirety of our lives that really make mothers special.

Doing the laundry. Helping with homework.  Bandaging scrapes and wounds.  Making sure we have clean clothes to wear and shoes that fit.  Comforting emotional hurts.  Making meals.  Shopping.  Cleaning house.  Entertaining our friends.  Supporting.  Nurturing.  Guiding.  Teaching.  Cheering us on.  Attending school events, games, teacher meetings.  Doctor’s appointments.  Caring for us when we are sick.  Picnics and field trips to the zoo and museums.  Caring.  Foregoing her “wants” for our “needs”.  And our “wants.”  Sacrificing and giving.  And more today than ever before, doing all while also holding down a job or two outside the home.  Over and over and over thru every day and every year.  Always being there to do the little things, carrying a pebble at a time to build the mountains of our lives.

The little boy got right to the point– “Thank you for getting me breakfast.”   Happy Mother’s Day!  — Jim (and Red!)






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