A Brisk Walk into a Busy Week!

Happy Monday!  The start of a new week full of new opportunities and adventures!

A very busy week ahead with lots to do.  Several new bears nearing completion to be finished for the store, Little Red Bear’s fifth short story to finish, the new Blog position I mentioned last week to be filled right away so the new feature can get started soon, more new story characters to interview, more story research to be done, and more.

And– starting a new daily exercise and walking program today.  I have been on a steady but gradual “get healthier” program since the beginning of the year.  I have been doing very well with a conscious and determined effort to eat healthier, opting for homemade natural foods and eliminating processed foods from my diet.  Now it is time to get busy, adding more physical exercise to the routine now that winter seems to be finally letting go of its grip on the thermometer.

Accordingly then, a daily walking and exercise program starts today, albeit a bit restricted by numerous replacement parts.  But walking will do.  Fresh air and exercise.  We all need more of that.  Especially the kids!  That’s why Little Red Bear is so healthy.  He’s always out walking all over the mountains and thru the hollers searching for honey.

So, here we go.  A lot to do this week so time to get busy.  Wishing everyone a healthy and productive week! — Jim  (and Red!)

Heads Up It's Monday

Heads Up It’s Monday



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