Take A Walk For Exercise, Come Home With A Story Idea– a ‘Two-fer’!

A beautiful day here yesterday with the temperature reaching 70F.  A grey, overcast morning gave way to brilliant sunshine in the afternoon, with daffodils everywhere stretching to bask in the warmth.  You could almost hear the tree buds popping open to welcome spring.  So I took an afternoon walk for fresh air and exercise.  Always a good thing.  And, as so frequently happens on walks, a fun new story idea presented itself along the way.

Walking along, I caught sight of a man getting out of his pickup truck and walking around to the back door of his home.  A while later, I observed a young lady pull into a driveway, exit the car, proceed up the walk and knock on the front door. That’s all.  Simple as that.   BAMM!  The inspiration for a fun conversation in the next set of Little Red Bear stories came to mind.  I completed the walk, came in and wrote out a new scene and character conversation, right out of the blue.  A small sequence in a large collection of stories, but isn’t that what creativity is — little bits all stitched together to form a whole?  Kind of like an old-fashioned quilt in that way.

I read a selection recently about taking the time and making the effort to  be more mindful to fully appreciate the everyday, mundane tasks that we go thru by rote each and every day, half awake in a hypnotic and robotic state without even being aware of what we are doing.  How does the shower water feel? What does the shampoo smell like?  How does the toothpaste taste and smell?  The true aromas of breakfast.  Flower scents in the air when heading outside. The feel on our face of a morning mist or breeze. Being aware and alive to consciously witness and take pleasure in everyday experiences and occurrences going on all around us all thru the day.  Living and Being in the moment.

And when we are in ‘aware mode’, fully cognizant of and appreciating our life and all around us, then creative and story ideas are everywhere.  It’s as simple as watching someone get out of their car.  Next time you find yourself stuck for a creative idea or inspiration, the answer may be waiting right outside the door.  Why not go outside and see?

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  It’s even more beautiful this morning.  I feel another walk coming on.  —  Jim (and Red!)

Writing- Walking for Ideas 2

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Expand Your Horizons on a Walk Around the Block!

Traveling “out” for adventure to exotic locales and far off places is a wonderful thing, and I highly recommend it. Traveling to new lands, experiences and cultures is unsurpassed in expanding our horizons and awareness.

The Adventure Mouse

The Adventure Mouse

But if limited in travel funds or abilities, one can do all the things this little mouse is looking for right where they are. Adventure is to be found every day if you are looking for it. Just open your mind and the door, and then step outside.  Enjoy the fresh air, listen to the birds and the breeze in rustling leaves on the trees.  Find animal shapes in the clouds.  Be with nature.

Adventures, new experiences and wonderful people filled with positive energy can be found on a walk around the block. Be open to new people and experiences. A good old-fashioned, friendly “Good morning!” or “Hey, how ya doin’?” can open the door to wondrous new people and adventures. Join the “Smile and Compliment” club. Be willing to take the first step in starting up a conversation. You never know where it may lead and what path it may take you down. Greet everyone with hopeful expectation.

Every individual is a world of personal knowledge, experience and education all to themselves, complete with their own history, culture and story, standing right in front of you or across the room. One needs only to be open and listen. And in the process, you may make a new friend. And one can never have too many of those. And you may find yourself beginning your next new journey in life, carried on the winds of exploration!

So go have an adventure. No need to wait. Step outside and do it now. There’s a whole world waiting right outside the door. Take a walk around the block and see what discoveries are to be made right where you are.

Winnie the Pooh on an Adventure with Piglet

Winnie the Pooh on an Adventure with Piglet


We’re Going Walkabout to Writeabout

What are your plans for the Labor Day Weekend?  Have you ever gone “Walkabout”?  Just taking off on  a walking trip thru nature?  Wonderful exercise and helps clear the mind while restoring energy and balance.   Take along the binoculars for bird and other animal watching if you have them.  And a camera to remember the journey.   It’s good to be outdoors in the fresh air, reconnecting with Mother Nature and her wondrous bounties and creations.  It would be a great time to visit one of the wonderful local, state or national parks.

I will be going “Walkabout” myself over the weekend, while also going “Writeabout”, spending the weekend with Little Red Bear to complete the fifth story in his upcoming collection of adventures.  It involves an abandoned old mine, and we’ll just leave it at that for now.  Four stories are in the hopper and ready to go, and the fifth to be finished this weekend.  We have about a dozen competing story ideas to be number six in the first collection, but we need to finish number five first.  That’s our plan for the weekend.

Little Red Bear asked me to remind  that if you are headed outdoors over the holiday weekend- picnics, camping, hiking, etc.- please do be careful of fires, most especially in drought-stricken areas, the Southwest, California and other red-flagged western areas where it has been so dry.  There are a lot of homes at stake– human and wildlife.   As our friend Smokey says-

“Remember- only YOU can prevent forest fires!”– Smokey the Bear

And if headed to the beach, please keep a watch for dangerous rip currents still present from off-shore storms on both coasts. And remember the sunscreen.

Please check back next week for more Little Red Bear updates.   Our new Blog assistant, Rusty the Fairydiddle, left on an out-of-town assignment a couple weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him in a while.  Should we be concerned? 

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful, safe weekend! — Jim (and Red!)


A Brisk Walk into a Busy Week!

Happy Monday!  The start of a new week full of new opportunities and adventures!

A very busy week ahead with lots to do.  Several new bears nearing completion to be finished for the store, Little Red Bear’s fifth short story to finish, the new Blog position I mentioned last week to be filled right away so the new feature can get started soon, more new story characters to interview, more story research to be done, and more.

And– starting a new daily exercise and walking program today.  I have been on a steady but gradual “get healthier” program since the beginning of the year.  I have been doing very well with a conscious and determined effort to eat healthier, opting for homemade natural foods and eliminating processed foods from my diet.  Now it is time to get busy, adding more physical exercise to the routine now that winter seems to be finally letting go of its grip on the thermometer.

Accordingly then, a daily walking and exercise program starts today, albeit a bit restricted by numerous replacement parts.  But walking will do.  Fresh air and exercise.  We all need more of that.  Especially the kids!  That’s why Little Red Bear is so healthy.  He’s always out walking all over the mountains and thru the hollers searching for honey.

So, here we go.  A lot to do this week so time to get busy.  Wishing everyone a healthy and productive week! — Jim  (and Red!)

Heads Up It's Monday

Heads Up It’s Monday