The Best Laid Plans of Mice

Happy Monday!  Some folks look forward to Mondays with the same dread and pensive anticipation of a root canal or arrival of the next great plague.  The first Facebook post I saw this morning was another one of those trite “Today if F’ing Monday Again!” images.  That’s sad.    Here’s the deal.  If you really– really– enjoy what you are doing, then each Monday is greeted with the same excitement level as Christmas morning, unwrapping new opportunities and adventures under the tree.  If you’re not really happy about the start of a new week of promise and adventure, then it is time to address that and consider making a change.  It has to do with that whole “life is short” thing.

I was jarringly reminded of this on Friday evening, when one of my children (young adult) was suddenly thrust into a totally unexpected, potentially life threatening and life altering medical emergency.  It has been a very long, stressful, sleepless and anxiety filled weekend.  I am delighted and relieved to report that with the grace of God things are improving and pointing in the right direction now, but with a lot of questions and issues still to be determined.  Cautious optimism and prayers.

New Blog features promised for this week may be delayed a bit while we regroup.  I’m sure you understand.   Life plans can change in a heartbeat.  “The best laid plans of Mice” kind of thing, as Douglas Adams said in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  If you have not started reading it yet, you really should.  And remember to always have your trusty towel at hand.  Mine was invaluable over the weekend, to be sure.  Maybe we will have a discussion on the vital importance of towels at some point, but now is not the time.  Now is the time for healing in our family, and getting things back on track.  Reworking plans.

The point is, don’t take anything in your life for granted– your family, loved ones, health, job, work or passions.  We never really know what life has in store, or what the next day, hour, or minute will bring.  So if you are suffering from the “Monday blahs” and miserable what you are doing– fix it.  Life is too short to dread the arrival of every new week, and going thru every day counting down the hours until the next weekend.  Don’t waste today, because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.  Be happy, live for today and look forward to every new day as if it were Christmas morning.  Don’t just exist– LIVE!  Don’t take life for granted, passing thru time in a semi-conscious awareness and state.  Enjoy, savor and delight in  every moment, for each one is a gift.  We only need to realize it.  Unwrap each new day with child-like excitement!  Happy Monday, y’all.

1920s 1930s Farm Boy Wearing Straw Hat And Overalls Sitting On Log With Spotted Dog Fishing



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