Fatal Copperhead Snake Bite in Missouri State Park- Be Safe!

A St. Charles, Missouri man nearby died after being bitten by a Copperhead Snake in a Missouri state park.  It is the third Copperhead bite fatality in the state’s history, and the fourth snake bite death overall in the state, the other being from a Rattlesnake in the 1930’s.

Here’s the point → If you don’t know what it is do NOT pick it up.  And even if you do THINK you know what it is, still do NOT pick it up.  Snakes can be very confusing and not obvious when covered under leaf litter and detritus in the woods.

For copperheads specifically, note the distinctive hourglass shape pattern and coloration.  But- they are easily and frequently confused with Rat Snakes and other snakes.  As are Water Moccasins (Cottonmouths).  And Coral Snakes vs King Snakes.  Please leave snake handling to the experts.   Snakes are on the move and very active this time of year, baby snakes are coming out and even a poisonous baby snake is dangerous.   Please teach your children to give all snakes and wildlife a wide berth and to please leave the critters alone.  For your safety and the wildlife’s. 

Have fun in the outdoors, but please use common sense and be safe.  Prayers for the family.  So sad and avoidable.  Here is a link to the original news story as filed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper.  

Snake bite article.


One thought on “Fatal Copperhead Snake Bite in Missouri State Park- Be Safe!

  1. We’ve moved into their homes here in Missouri so we must be aware of them. A neighbor child was bitten and nearly lost her arm many years ago. Here in my subdivision, dogs have been bitten too, and my another neighbor found one just the other day. They like tall grasses near creek beds or where dampness lies. Thank you for your post.


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