Fireside Questions for Santa

With Christmas Day drawing nigh,

I have some questions and wonder– “Why?”

Like, what is it about Santa that makes little kids cry?

And how in the world does he get reindeer to fly?

How high do leaves go when they “mount to the sky”?

How many toys do elves make versus having to buy?

So going to stay up late, or at least I’ll try,

And will hide behind the sofa, on Santa to spy.

I want to face him– eye to eye,

To directly ask the jolly elf guy—

“With no disrespect or meaning to pry–

How is it a fat old man can be so spry?

And get down the chimney without bruising a thigh?”

So busily hanging stockings by the chimney to dry,

While waiting here for Santa with questions to ply,

But for now I’m hungry and will bid “goodbye”,

Here anxiously awaiting the Old Boy to drop by.

Goodness, gracious, me oh my.

I wish that I had some Pumpkin Pie!

Wishing a Merry Blessed Christmas to all– “and to all a Good Night!”

— Jim (and Red!)

Santa Claus Drying Socks By The Fireside

Santa Claus Drying Socks By The Fireside


4 thoughts on “Fireside Questions for Santa

  1. James, your blogs have just made my Christmas this year better than ever. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making some new memories for me. Merry Christmas!!!

    Judy Nappa


  2. It’s all to do with magic
    (And a little bit of pie)
    The magic sends the reindeer
    Flying way up high.
    The pie gives Santa energy
    And a big rosy smile
    And keeps them all going
    Mile, after mile, after mile.
    And children cry at Santa
    But they’re tears of joy
    As they dream in their beds
    Wishing for the perfect toy.
    The children bring some magic
    With their innocence and glee
    And Santa brings the rest
    Cos he never grew up, you see.
    But here’s the thing with magic
    It works if you believe
    So go snuggle in your bed
    For the magic of Christmas Eve.

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