Guest Blog- “Trees” by Neil Giles with Artwork by Emma Childs

Sharing a delightful nature post combining original poetry and artwork from friends.  This enchanting post originally appeared on my friend Sylva Fae’s blog Sylvanian Ramblings.  If you love nature and children, I strongly encourage you to visit and follow her captivating blog.

The amazing “Trees” poem is courtesy of Neil Giles, and the accompanying beautiful artwork “Cyclamens at Killerton” created by Emma Childs.

I invite you to meet, connect and follow their creative works.  Sylva’s delightful blog is linked above, clicking on the poem tree image will take you to Neil’s Twitter page, and clicking on the artwork will take you to Emma’s site.

Big thank you’s to Sylva, Neil and Emma for allowing me to share their magical creative works with you!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did when first seeing their creations.



Cyclamens at Killerton by Emma Childs

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