For Daffodils — Cheerful Little Trumpets of Spring!

It has been a prolonged and challenging struggle towards Spring here in this section of the Midwest, with late accumulating snows and unseasonably cold temperatures. Emerging daffodils standing knee-deep in snow, bent over, and huddled for warmth.

Yet, despite it all, the little daffodils in front of my home have stubbornly persisted to send forth their bright and cheerful yellow flowers once again, heralding the pending and long-awaited arrival of Spring.

Here then, for National Poetry Month and our Daffodils, the “Cheerful Little Trumpets of Spring” . . . .

Our cheery little daffodil,

There — blooming on the hill.

Stoutly braving both snow and chill,

Providing us all an early thrill.

Stout-hearted little daffodil,

My heart with Spring’s warmth, you fill.

Brightly courageous little daffodil,

Serene and peaceful, never shrill.

Oh! Our spunky and brave little daffodil,

In shadows and gloom, you inspire me still.

Thank You always for visiting and spending part of your day with us. We each can make a positive difference in the world. Choose to be courageous — to be a cheery, hopeful daffodil in someone’s chilly winter’s day. — Jim  (and Red!)

“Daffodils are yellow trumpets of spring.” — Richard L. Ratliff

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“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head.
And whispered to her neighbor — ‘Winter is dead.’ ” — A. A. Milne 

Guest Blog- “Trees” by Neil Giles with Artwork by Emma Childs

Sharing a delightful nature post combining original poetry and artwork from friends.  This enchanting post originally appeared on my friend Sylva Fae’s blog Sylvanian Ramblings.  If you love nature and children, I strongly encourage you to visit and follow her captivating blog.

The amazing “Trees” poem is courtesy of Neil Giles, and the accompanying beautiful artwork “Cyclamens at Killerton” created by Emma Childs.

I invite you to meet, connect and follow their creative works.  Sylva’s delightful blog is linked above, clicking on the poem tree image will take you to Neil’s Twitter page, and clicking on the artwork will take you to Emma’s site.

Big thank you’s to Sylva, Neil and Emma for allowing me to share their magical creative works with you!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did when first seeing their creations.



Cyclamens at Killerton by Emma Childs