We fade to grey

A brilliant post by friend Max Power on his Blog. Where elders were once respected, honored and treasured, our society now regards them more as a disposable inconvenience. The outside grey most frequently disguises a youthful vibrant spirit, captured perfectly by Max’s observations. The image in the mirror may be ninety, but the spirit gazing at the image is nineteen.

Please visit Max Power’s blog and check out his wide variety of stories and writings.

Maxpower's Blog

The beautiful girl on the cover of my next book is my partner’s mother Joan. Affectionately known to all as Jomammy, she was 21 when this photo was taken on Dollymount strand in Dublin in 1946. This week Jomammy turns 90. What a wonderful achievement to have lived so long and to still be, for the most part independent.

Her upcoming birthday made me consider how she has become invisible to so many people in so many situations. Many people ignore her as though she doesn’t exist. Her failing hearing does not help, as it makes it difficult to have a conversation with her sometimes. I say difficult not impossible and it doesn’t excuse people for not making the effort. Sometimes she repeats stories that we have all heard a million times but don’t we all. When she tells me something I have heard fifty times, I ask a different…

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