Kohl’s Misrepresenting Real as “Faux Fur”– Caught Again!

Sad news today.  The department store chain Kohl’s has been passing off real fur as “faux” or artificial, synthetic fur.  Again!  This time Raccoon Dog real fur trim on a men’s parka was described as “faux-fur”. Hey Kohl’s– it’s not that hard to tell the difference if someone cared enough to check. For one, faux fur has a woven, synthetic cloth backing. Raccoon Dog fur, as with other real furs, has a real hide backing.  As in someone’s skin.   Duh!

Kohl's Mens Parka,  Photo: Pierre Grzybowski, The Human Society

Kohl’s Mens Parka, Photo: Pierre Grzybowski, The Human Society

As those who may recall Rusty the Fairydiddle’s first interview with the Gray Fox on my Blog here, the Raccoon Dog is the only other canine species in the world capable of climbing trees. Apparently they didn’t climb high enough to avoid Kohl’s reach. Here’s a link to the interview if you missed it → The Gray Fox Interview

Asian Raccoon Dog

Asian Raccoon Dog

I’m thinking customer refunds aren’t really that appreciated by the Raccoon Dogs. Or the Cyber Monday Rabbits.  It is one thing to be tricked and misled by a supplier once, as with the rabbit fur last year.  But not twice.  It calls into question what else may be improperly labeled or described.  Way to go Kohl’s, the second time in a year that you have been caught misrepresenting real fur as artificial. Shame on you!

Raccoon Dogs, Photo: Chiaki Tsukumo, AP

Raccoon Dogs, Photo: Chiaki Tsukumo, AP

For more information, here is a link to the news article as presented by USA Today → USA Today News Article, 09-24-14

Being caught the second time in a year makes me think that Kohl’s wasn’t all that truly sorry the first time.  Once may be accidental.  The second time is at least careless, if not intentional and knowingly dishonest.

But corporate credibility and dishonesty is one issue.  The other is the issue of fur trapping in general.  Haven’t we advanced enough as a civilization not to be trapping and hunting down other living creatures for their fur?  Is it really necessary anymore, with so may other options available to us now?  There is a better way.

Asian Raccoon Dogs Pair

Asian Raccoon Dogs Pair

We’re Going Walkabout to Writeabout

What are your plans for the Labor Day Weekend?  Have you ever gone “Walkabout”?  Just taking off on  a walking trip thru nature?  Wonderful exercise and helps clear the mind while restoring energy and balance.   Take along the binoculars for bird and other animal watching if you have them.  And a camera to remember the journey.   It’s good to be outdoors in the fresh air, reconnecting with Mother Nature and her wondrous bounties and creations.  It would be a great time to visit one of the wonderful local, state or national parks.

I will be going “Walkabout” myself over the weekend, while also going “Writeabout”, spending the weekend with Little Red Bear to complete the fifth story in his upcoming collection of adventures.  It involves an abandoned old mine, and we’ll just leave it at that for now.  Four stories are in the hopper and ready to go, and the fifth to be finished this weekend.  We have about a dozen competing story ideas to be number six in the first collection, but we need to finish number five first.  That’s our plan for the weekend.

Little Red Bear asked me to remind  that if you are headed outdoors over the holiday weekend- picnics, camping, hiking, etc.- please do be careful of fires, most especially in drought-stricken areas, the Southwest, California and other red-flagged western areas where it has been so dry.  There are a lot of homes at stake– human and wildlife.   As our friend Smokey says-

“Remember- only YOU can prevent forest fires!”– Smokey the Bear

And if headed to the beach, please keep a watch for dangerous rip currents still present from off-shore storms on both coasts. And remember the sunscreen.

Please check back next week for more Little Red Bear updates.   Our new Blog assistant, Rusty the Fairydiddle, left on an out-of-town assignment a couple weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him in a while.  Should we be concerned? 

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful, safe weekend! — Jim (and Red!)


World Elephant Day– The Power of 96!

Today is WORLD ELEPHANT DAY! Please check out “The Power of 96 Elephants Campaign” below, as 96 elephants die every day for their ivory. At the current rate of slaughter they will be gone in 12 years, as ivory poaching is at its highest level since 1989, with much of the money going to fund terrorist groups.  Elephants can be a vital long term tool to aid African communities thru eco-tourism.

“But with 35,000 elephants killed on average each year, more work is needed to reverse this trend. The death of 96 elephants each day is more than just a tragedy; it destabilizes countries by funding dangerous armed groups and international criminals, disrupts the order of delicate ecosystems, and brings the already endangered species of African elephants, who now number around 420,000, ever closer to extinction.” — from the article.  Here is a link for more information on “The Power of 96 Elephants Campaign.”


World Oceans Day

Today (Sunday, June 8 if reading this later) is World Oceans Day!

And boy do they need our help.  No oceans, no people.  Simple really.  More pollutants → higher acid levels → less marine life → less seafood → lower oxygen levels for the planet.

Even if not living on the coast, actions in the middle of the continent affect the oceans as waste, pollutants and trash work their way down thru the streams and river systems into the oceans.

Please help promote sustainable seafood practices, conservation and ecology awareness.  The life you save may be a nameless shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico.  Or it might be your own.

World Oceans Day Information


World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day