“The Adventures of Little Red Bear” Goes Out for Review!

Breaking News!  Stop the presses!

We interrupt your Monday morning reading for a breaking news story.

Huzzah and Hip Hooray!  After a solid and non-stop writing push for the past several weeks to finish, the first collection of Short Stories in the “Adventures of Little Red Bear” series went out for review and beta reads yesterday afternoon!  Happy Days!

You haven’t been to a hootenanny until you’ve seen a bear Texas Two-steppin’ across the floor and dancing to “Cotton-Eyed Joe!”   Yee-Haw!    As soon as I uttered the magical words of “That’s a wrap, folks!” – somebody switched on the music followed immediately by critters and story characters rushing to the dance floor in all directions.   The dance party lasted til the wee hours of the morning and Little Red Bear is still going strong kicking up his heels around the place.

While awaiting feedback the next step is to get busy on a cover design.  Hopefully, it won’t be long until the first collection is available for release.

We now return you to regularly scheduled programming.  Please stay tuned to this station for more updates! —  Jim (and Red!)

News Reporter Snoopy

News Reporter Snoopy

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