Expand Your Horizons on a Walk Around the Block!

Traveling “out” for adventure to exotic locales and far off places is a wonderful thing, and I highly recommend it. Traveling to new lands, experiences and cultures is unsurpassed in expanding our horizons and awareness.

The Adventure Mouse

The Adventure Mouse

But if limited in travel funds or abilities, one can do all the things this little mouse is looking for right where they are. Adventure is to be found every day if you are looking for it. Just open your mind and the door, and then step outside.  Enjoy the fresh air, listen to the birds and the breeze in rustling leaves on the trees.  Find animal shapes in the clouds.  Be with nature.

Adventures, new experiences and wonderful people filled with positive energy can be found on a walk around the block. Be open to new people and experiences. A good old-fashioned, friendly “Good morning!” or “Hey, how ya doin’?” can open the door to wondrous new people and adventures. Join the “Smile and Compliment” club. Be willing to take the first step in starting up a conversation. You never know where it may lead and what path it may take you down. Greet everyone with hopeful expectation.

Every individual is a world of personal knowledge, experience and education all to themselves, complete with their own history, culture and story, standing right in front of you or across the room. One needs only to be open and listen. And in the process, you may make a new friend. And one can never have too many of those. And you may find yourself beginning your next new journey in life, carried on the winds of exploration!

So go have an adventure. No need to wait. Step outside and do it now. There’s a whole world waiting right outside the door. Take a walk around the block and see what discoveries are to be made right where you are.

Winnie the Pooh on an Adventure with Piglet

Winnie the Pooh on an Adventure with Piglet


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