“Tex-Mex and Rex”

On a walk, I met two dinosaurs,

Their names were Tex and Mex.

They cautioned me about their menacing cousin,

The one they all call Rex.


Tex and Mex love salads,

And nibble leafy, tree-top greens.

But I have a distinct impression,

Rex goes about snatching his meals by other means.


They say their cousin is rather surly,

Ill-tempered, cranky, and aloof.

And advise hiding in holes beneath the ground,

Rex can reach you anywhere else –  even up on your roof.


They noted his arms are puny,

But his bite is something fierce.

The force of eleven-teen crocodiles,

Even the toughest, thickest hide his teeth can pierce!


Tex and Mex gravely recommend avoiding cousin Rex,

As he is testy and short-tempered, and rather easily annoyed.

And should you see or hear him coming,

By all means — try to avoid!


I am happy to have met them,

It was nice conversing with Tex and Mex.

But left them hurriedly by the road that day,

When suddenly both exclaimed –  “Goodness gracious! Here comes Rex!”

Thank you for stopping by to visit! We hope you enjoyed this fun little piece, inspired by a visiting three-year-old’s two favorite dinosaur toys named ‘Tex’ and ‘Mex’. Wonderful inspiration and opportunities are all around us if we pay attention, are aware, and truly listen.

Little Red Bear and I are still trying to determine “Who or What is Mickey McJibbers???” for Red’s second collection of stories coming soon. If you missed the post, please tap on the link to help us out! So far, readers have suggested that Mickey (or Mickie) McJibbers is a Squirrel, a Mouse, an Elephant, or a Flea. An interesting and wide variety of shapes and personalities to be sure!

Who or what do you think Mickey McJibbers is?  We are still searching for suggestions, so please add yours in the Comments!

Please feel free to share the “Tex-Mex and Rex” poem and this site with your little ones and others, and register to be notified of every new post.

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10 thoughts on ““Tex-Mex and Rex”

    • That is so wonderful to hear, Carmela! Thanks for visiting with us and for sharing it with your son. So happy to hear that the little guy enjoyed this fun little poem because bringing enjoyment is what it is all about here! It was a three-year-old who inspired the piece, to begin with. And what little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs? I still do! 🤠🐻🦖🦕


  1. Oooooo, love Tex, Mex and Rex, James! I can see them slipping into a sweet picture book for dino-crazy young ones and developing into a whole series of adventures. Hmmm, what would Little Red Bear think about taking a back seat to dinos -:D!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for visiting, Cat! You are the second to suggest an expanded role for the Dynamic Dinos. That was never the intent, but frequently those type projects turn out the best and most meaningful in the end, don’t they? And sharing is the Little Red Bear way, so he is fine with the idea. Red says that he has enough on his paws trying to deal with the mounting weasel issues in the backwoods. So, we’ll see. Thanks for the encouragement! 🤠🐻🦕🦖


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