Children Are Always Paying Attention

Words are very powerful.  Life-changing at times.  For good or bad.  That’s why thinking before we speak, and speaking with kindness is ever so important, most especially around the fragile psyches of children.

That being said, actions speak louder than words.

“Children more attention pay,

To what you do, than what you say.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Like baby animals, our children learn by observing their parents and adults around them.  Imitating and mimicking their behavior. It’s what they do.  We may not think they are always paying attention in class or when we are talking about chores and lessons, but they are.  They are paying attention to how we respond to their not paying attention.  We all need to be careful and mindful of how we conduct ourselves and of the examples we set for not only our own children, but those around us as well.  Remember– they’re always watching.

Thanks for visiting! — Jim (and Red!)

Children- Educated- Carl Jung

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