“The Adventures of Little Red Bear– The First Holler”

Announcing the official title for the first collection of upcoming Little Red Bear stories– “The Adventures of Little Red Bear– The First Holler.”

The review copy of “The Adventures of Little Red Bear” came back from beta readers with very positive comments.  Maybe the most heartening was that they had to continually keep reminding themselves to slow down, edit and make notes because they were simply enjoying the stories so much and reading right thru.  So a snip here, a tuck there and it will be ready to go.  A serious cover search is now intensified and underway!  Progress on the cover will determine a release date, hopefully soon.

“The First Holler” will feature six short stories of varying lengths, plus an Introduction into the Ozarks Mountain Country world of Little Red Bear and his friends.

Meanwhile, I already have one more story than needed planned for the next collection, had another story writing itself in my head waking up at 5am this morning, and then happened across yet another story inspiration I had to sit down and make notes about before breakfast.  With recruiting and interviews going on for second collection story characters, I am having trouble keeping up with it all right now.

Speaking of recruiting for new characters– a very pompous, pretentious and imperious Peacock has let it be known indirectly thru a representative that he wants to be included in the next set of adventures.  It seems beneath him to go thru the normal application process however.  The persnickety peacock returned a blank Story Character Application Form, with only the words “see attached” scrawled over the area for Experience and Qualifications, stapled to a head shot photo.  Another item on the list of things to do.

I am having an Ostrich Crisis flashback from last year.  What is it about working with large birds?  Working with chipmunks is so much easier.  Give them a bowl full of peanuts and they are busily happy for days!

But most immediately, the cover for “The First Holler” is the next hurdle.   Will update again as soon as there is something more to report.

Thanks as always for following!  — Jim (and Red!)

Peacock Headshot Submission ("Peacock Pride" print by Angelina Vick found on Pinterest)

Peacock Headshot Submission
(“Peacock Pride” print by Angelina Vick found on Pinterest)


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