“Little Red Bear’s Hand-picked Recipes — Autumn Treats & Family Fun!”

When Little Red Bear and I aren’t debating whether Ichabod Crane’s ultimate fate was sealed by a broken heart or by a shattered pumpkin, we like to cook up seasonal Autumn treats and dishes while making holiday decorations and things on the side.

There were several favorites, but the recipes for Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts seemed to garner the most attention and comments in last week’s Happy Halloween Spooktacularly Good Recipes Special filled with Halloween goodies and treats. Take a look by tapping on the link if you missed it.

If you are new to our Sunday morning recipe sharing and missed the first Little Red Bear Recipes Post explaining what we are doing, simply tap on the link to check it out.

This week we found a few wonderful new Autumn recipes to pass along, together with a few more Halloween goodies to share! And, sharing some Halloween craft ideas for the little ones in the family, along with older children and adults, as well.

Caramel Apple Bread

A delightful fall quick bread recipe with Apples, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg, covered with a luscious caramel glaze.  Yes, please.

Caramel Apple Bread Recipe

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dip

Staying with delightful Caramel Apple flavors, how about a Caramel Apple Dip easily made in the slow cooker?  Dip Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Crisps, and it’s a delightful party or football afternoon treat all thru the season. The recipe includes instructions on how to make your own tortilla crisps, as well.  Party on!

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dip Recipe

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

When I read the title of this recipe, Little Red Bear picked up on the word ‘Crustless’ right away, being rather crust-challenged as we have discussed in prior weeks.  No crust with this one. A quick and easy mix, then bake.  Awesome!

Crustless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Cheddar and Butternut Squash Soup with Apple and Bacon

This amazing sounding soup, as pictured, is served as an appetizer in Pretzel Rolls, hollowed out with the tops removed.  Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday season parties.  Make more, and it’s a delightful fall meal.

Cheddar and Butternut Squash Soup with Apple and Bacon Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Easily made using refrigerated crescent rolls from the grocery store, these will both smell and taste delightful for both chilly morning breakfasts and for a special treat later in the day.

Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels

The Ghost Pretzels were another popular treat shared last week, and then Little Red Bear came across these fun little Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels, and we both thought they would be perfect for not only Halloween in a couple weeks, but for Thanksgiving side treats, as well. Maybe place one beside a slice of pumpkin pie on the plate, or tuck one into each slice of pie as a decoration. Propped up against the pile of whipped cream on top, of course!

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels Recipe

Haunted Haystacks

And then we came across these fun and easy-to-make Haunted Haystacks for Halloween parties, made from butterscotch chips, peanut butter, marshmallows, and chow mein noodles. And don’t forget the candy eyeballs! Mixing different sized eyes makes them look like spooky fun for the kids.

Haunted Haystacks Recipe

Easy Cookie Candy Corn Bark

Candy Corn has always been one of my favorite Halloween treats.  Can you tell?  The Cookie Candy Corn Bark is so easy, simply putting down pieces of your favorite sandwich cookies, covering over with melted white chocolate, and then adding the various candy bits of your choice on top for a colorful Halloween goodies treat.

Easy Cookie Candy Corn Bark Recipe

Please remember, all of these recipes are added each week to our “Little Red Bear’s Hand-picked Recipes” board on Pinterest for you to access anytime and find those from previous weeks if you missed them.  I invite you to follow and check out my other Pinterest boards while there, including the Halloween Recipes & Ideas Board for many other great treats, craft, and decoration ideas.

Family Time is the Best Time!

On my Pinterest Halloween Board, you will find over 300 craft and activity ideas in addition to fun treats and goodies recipes.  Spending time together with family making holiday decorations is always time best spent.

Below are just a couple fun projects for the little ones, with much more on the Board for other family project ideas, from preschoolers on up thru adult craft ideas and door wreaths, most requiring only simple, readily-at-hand materials and supplies.

Here again is an informational link to the National Safety Council’s Halloween Safety Tips and Guidelines for children and motorists, alike.   Have a wonderful Halloween, keeping yourselves and the little ones safe this year. Remember — Scare Safe!

Cute and Easy Cotton Ball Ghost Craft for Preschoolers

Little guys should be able to just about make this whole project on their own after getting them started, and how proud they will be to display their own Halloween project for all to see.

Cute and Easy Cotton Ball Ghost Craft Project for Preschoolers

Spooky Leaf Ghosts for Halloween

Here is another fun project for little hands, painting fallen Autumn leaves white, and then adding their own ghostly features. These can be displayed in a number of ways around your home, even suspending on a string for a spooky ghost garland. Finding and selecting the leaves for this project will be fun all on its own.  If going to make a garland or suspend the leaves from a string, look for leaves with the stems intact for tying later. And be sure to make a wide variety of ghostly expressions — happy, sad, scary, angry. Imagination is the limit with these!

Spooky Leaf Ghosts for Halloween Project  

Here is a link to other wonderful Halloween Nature Crafts to make up with the kids.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful coming week, full of treats and craft making!  We do not remember days, we remember moments. Create some special moments with your family, and be the reason someone smiles this week! – Jim (and Red!)

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2 thoughts on ““Little Red Bear’s Hand-picked Recipes — Autumn Treats & Family Fun!”

  1. These recipes and crafts look wonderful James!
    I had never heard of “Crust Less Pumpkin Pie” until a few years ago. Very good though.

    Thanks to you and Little Red Bear for always sharing all the goodies for our Sundays.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for visiting with us, Rosie! Crustless Pumpkin Pie was new to me, so figured it worth passing along for others to see, as well. I don’t have any problems with a crust as long as it comes out of the little box in the dairy section of the market, but Little Red Bear doesn’t even like dealing with those, so he will definitely be trying the Crustless version soon. For myself, I usually eat the Pumpkin Pie filling first and save the crust for last, with a side of whipped cream of course. Have a wonderful week! 🙂


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