Little Red Bear’s Second Annual Easter Recipes & Ideas To Please Everybunny!

When Little Red Bear and I are not busy filling jars of honey to swap with Farmer Turner for crates of eggs to dye, we like to discover interesting and fun new recipes and treats to make for family and friends.

With my arm injury having sidelined me for several months over the holidays and into the new year, it has been a while since Little Red Bear and I have shared some of his special recipe finds. But with the Easter Bunny working overtime and the holiday drawing near again he thought it a good time to share some more Easter treats and ideas.

Starting off with a healthier treat for the little ones because being about Easter treats and goodies it’s likely to become more sugary sweet as we go along.

As usual, simply tap on the link or image to view the original recipe and provider’s page.  Happy Hopping!

Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs

An alternative to sugary sweets, anyone loving peanut butter should love these Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs — all natural, vegan, vegetarian, and make a wonderful holiday snack for those on a diet, as well. From the ‘Savvy Naturalista’ blog.

Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs Recipe

Easter Breads with an Egg

Billowy soft, beautifully golden and lightly sweet buns with a perfectly cooked egg. A very different Easter holiday treat for Easter brunch or breakfast with the family! From the ‘Natasha’s Kitchen’ blog.

Easter Breads with an Egg Recipe

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath

Little Red Bear and I are both big fans of the often maligned and innocent little Peeps around this time of year. Here is a delightful project to fashion the Bunny Peeps into a colorful wreath, or as a delightful table centerpiece, too. From the ‘Tried & True’ blog.

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath Instructions

Carrot Cake Blondies

Anyone who knows me also knows that I love Carrot Cake.  One of my sons was married last year and the wedding featured a choice of wedding cake flavors, one of which was Carrot Cake. It’s little signs like that which let you know you raised your kids right.

I also love Blondies. This combines both into a perfect handheld treat for Easter! From the ‘My Heavenly Recipes’ Food Blog.

Carrot Cake Blondies Recipe

Easter Basket Cookie Cups

These are delicious Peanut Butter Cookie Cups filled with Homemade Buttercream Frosting topped with Easter Egg Candies. We’re thinking you better make a bunch! From the wonderful ‘Lil Luna’ Food Blog.

Easter Basket Cookie Cups Recipe

Carrot Cake Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Another delightful Easter treat for fellow Carrot Cake lovers, in handy bar form for easy snacking and treats! From the very aptly named ‘Eat Cake For Dinner’ food blog. Who can argue with that?

Carrot Cake Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Carrot Cake Fudge

Yes, we realize — another Carrot Cake oriented recipe. But it’s Fudge!  Carrot Cake Fudge! I mean, Easter Fudge for goodness sake!

Oh, wait.  I have to fan Little Red Bear.  I think he just passed out from excitement.  From the ‘Wine and Glue’ blog.

Carrot Cake Fudge Recipe

Peeps Skillet S’mores

Some folks, like Little Red Bear and myself, look forward to the annual appearance of colorful little Peeps in the stores each Spring. Others, not so much, and feel they should be set to torches. Well, here is a compromise.  A delightful little Peeps treat for both little ones and adults — Skillet S’mores.  Torch them in the oven and then dip away. This colorful and fun treat is from the ‘Delish’ blog.

Peeps Skillet S’mores Recipe

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Lemon Poppy Seed ‘Anything’ is one of my favorite taste combinations in cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and whatever. Soft, moist and buttery with a refreshing lemon flavor for Spring and topped with a Cream Cheese Frosting, this cake will be a hit at your Easter brunch and dinner. Keep the recipe handy for those who will be asking for it. From the ‘Oh, Sweet Basil’ food blog.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Easter Cathedral Candy

A carryover from last year’s Easter Recipes simply because it such a beautiful and amazing no-bake recipe to prepare ahead of time for the Easter holiday. These candies require only three ingredients — vanilla flavored melting wafers or almond bark, colored mini marshmallows, and sweetened coconut.  Mix, chill, slice, and serve!

One of our favorites and certainly worth sharing again! From the ‘Mom On Timeout’ Food Blog.

Easter Cathedral Candy Recipe

Easter Rice Krispie Cake

Rice Krispie treats in all shapes and sizes are a year ’round favorite here, and make into a colorful Easter Cake for a holiday brunch, dinner, or buffet for the family. And fun food treat for little ones!  From ‘The Novice Chef’ Food Blog.

Easter Rice Krispie Cake Recipe

Easter Eggs and Creative Hunt & Craft ideas!

For anyone who may be new to hard-boiling (or struggling with it as we seemed to somehow always do each year) and coloring Easter Eggs, or who may be looking for some exciting and different new decorating ideas, check out the helpful links below.

How To Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

A Handy Food Coloring Custom Mixing Chart

Making Tie Dye Easter Eggs

How To Dye Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

Decorating Natural Brown Easter Eggs

How To Make Marbelized Easter Eggs

Creating Colorful Easter Eggs With Melted Crayons

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Rice

Rice Shake Easter Eggs in Ziploc Bags

Making Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Fun Easter Activity for Kids — “Easter Eggs-ercises”

Fun New Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

STEM Easter Activities & Projects for Kids

Easter Chick Yarn Art Project

18 Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

If looking for some Non-Candy or sweets alternatives for little ones’ Easter baskets, check out these wonderful suggestions.

Give Little Red Bear a bottle of bubbles on a Spring day and he will forget all about candy blowing bubbles into the breeze! Guaranteed. (For five minutes. Honey thoughts never leave his mind, so save your bubbles if hoping for that.)

Little Red Bear thought these were hilarious and laughed himself into a fit of hiccups when we came across this fun little idea — the Hatching Chick Hardboiled Eggs. We thought your little ones might get a kick out this simple little trick on Easter morning, too. We’re never really certain what is inside an egg until we crack it, are we?  This fun idea from the ‘Hungry Happenings’ Food Blog.

Hatching Chick Hardboiled Eggs Instructions

Find over 600 more Easter Holiday features on my Easter Treats, Fun Crafts, and Activities Board on Pinterest. To find today’s features and all of the recipes we have shared so far, visit our Little Red Bear’s Hand-picked Blog Recipes Board.

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Little Red Bear and I look forward to your visits here, and hope that in our own way we help to make your day special, too!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy Easter! — Jim  (and Red!)

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